Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

Only for girls that wanna hook up with a Carpicorn guy. I am Cappy, but unfortunately, I'm taken.. Hehe.. Here's some tips, but I'm sure it'll never work on me anymore, Dr Fadhilah Kamsah once had labeled that guys born in January as "loyal to everything".. Thats true for sure.. Haha.. So, here it is:

  1. Well, you just cried buckets today because it has been more than a month when you last heard your cappy's voice on the phone? Okay, you think he is waste of money and energy; you curse the day and all the people who forced you to meet him? The first step to hook a cappy is to believe in the old saying "patience is a virtue" so, relax!
  2. Now, keep in my mind to keep him interested in you make sure that you have almost earned a degree in make -up. Remember Cinderella at ball, she made the prince go crazy for her. You have to be like her or a modern day Cinderella! But I will give you a star if your cappy is already interested in you (he's your guy) then you are already a "modern day Cinderella" just the one who has lost the way.

    Display the delicacy and naivete of Cinderella every time you talk, walk, laugh , cry and you'll have your Capricorn prince blinded with honey sweet love for you.

    Talk and enquire about his family members, little nephews, show how close you have grown towards them. Respect his views and opinions whether you agree with them or not. Give him a lot of love both physical and emotional. Listen to him and never laugh at him in public or even in front of his friends and family. If you don't follow the rules you will see the devil who will horrify you and disappear with your night's sleep. The devil card represents Capricorn in the major arcana tarot spread. But if you follow the rules you might complain that I am writing all wrong things about a sweet, sensitive, emotional and caring boyfriend or husband. Anyways this was the middle part, the difficult step is which all scorpion girls face who are dating a cappy. Even some Pisceans face similar kind of problem. But I am giving this solution for every girl who loves a cappy.
  3. He does not reply your calls, all of sudden you receive his message, all of sudden he stops calling you, he disappears and talkes to you sometimes very casually. On other occasions he is honey sweet but the very next day he is indifferent. Oh! So frustrating? Isn't it? Indeed it is, but the reason is that your Capricorn is actually madly in love with you and he is hinting you to express your love for him freely.

    Capris are shy and introverted people they never express their feelings openly. They expect others to catch their tiniest hints and love them.

    So what do you do? persevere, call him at least once. If you are comfortable then at least send him messages regularly and in a month or so give him a call. Meet him or initiate the meetings.

    In a few days, he will show you his angelic side which is full of love and compassion.

Here are some Capricorn celebrities that you may know..


Paulina said...
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archomni said...

you are dumb. Since when are all people born in January the same? Since when are they like YOU? Lol.

Claudia Godoi said...

I am so hoping that you are right about this!! My Cap is just like you describe and scares me so much!! I am Leo and I am reading that we will never be able to make it, but I am madly in love with him!!

silky said...

hey hi..guess tis will help m alot bt i have got some more problems n wanna share wth u....description u hv gvn is so damn right...he behaves in this manner only..thing is dat he was involved in whn i gt involved n i confessed .. he gt out of m..n siad he ws datn sm othr gal.. n he always adds to it dat am very nice gal...n deserve bttr guy dan d same time he cares fr m....even if he is wth sm othr gal takes an effort to cal m on alternate days or atleast aftr scorpion...i want him bck...hope u help m...:)thanks

Roger said...

I confessed my love to my capricorn boyfriend and still he is not making his intentions clear. He is sweet at times, but indifferent at times even after I confessed about my love. I m very confused.

KaJay said...

u r so right abt capri guy.I'm also capr. He is my fiancee. we r in an arranged relationship. He behaves exactly the same way u told, but sumtimes i'm really worried if he actually luvs me...

Mix said...

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